What is Ombre

Ombre is one of the hottest hair color trends that, when done correctly, can complement any hairstyle. What is ombre? It’s a special coloring technique that creates a beautiful fade from your natural hair color to a lighter shade. The style originated in France and quickly spread across the globe. Ombre hair color is perfect for the busy woman, because you don’t have to worry about touch-ups.

Choose Your Color

Since ombre compliments your natural hair color. The first step is deciding if you want the traditional ombre where the tips of your hair is lighter or a reverse ombre where the roots are lighter. Keep in mind, the reverse ombre means more work because you have to touch up your roots!

We typically recommend going two shades lighter than your natural color. Your stylist can help you pick the perfect color that will compliment your hairstyle and skin tone. It’s possible to have fun with the colors, you can do extreme blonde to black if you want to be edgy.

How Low Should You Go?

You have to pick a point where the natural hair color and the ombre meet. Don’t choose too high or else you will look like you are letting your roots grow out. Depending on your hair length, anywhere under the jawline is considered a good starting point.

Should You DIY?

Ombre highlights is a two-step process. It’s starts with bleaching a section of your hair to prep for the coloring process. I recommend consulting with a stylist as opposed to trying to achieve the ombre look yourself. If you have existing color in your hair, you may need color correction before starting the ombre process.

Remember that working with bleach products you should have knowledge of how to mix the bleach and when to rinse your hair, otherwise you risk doing major damage to your hair and skin.

Ifyour you are ready for a change, contact Visions Salon & Spa and ask us about the ombre style. Remember, options are limitless when you decide to get this fun and trendy style.

At Visions Salon & Spa we use Schwarzkopf when we create your ombre style.




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