What is Ombre

Ombre is one of the hottest hair color trends that, when done correctly, can complement any hairstyle. What is ombre? It’s a special coloring technique that creates a beautiful fade from your natural hair color to a lighter shade. The style originated in France and quickly spread across the globe. Ombre hair color is perfect for the busy woman, because you don’t have to worry about touch-ups. Read More

Help Your Hair Win the Fight Against Humidity

One thing we deal with year round in Louisiana is humidity. Not only do we have to deal with it, our hair has to deal with humidity as well. Taking time to style your hair and feeling the pride of achieving the look that you want then you step outside and within in two minutes, all of your work was for nothing. You get in your car and go to double check your lipstick and see that you have gone from sleek and chic to fuzzy and frayed.

No More Hat Days

Resist the urge to just start wearing sassy hats. There are products available at Visions to help you combat the terrible effects of bad humidity hair. What’s important is to understand your hair type so that you can pick the right product for you. Some anti-frizz products leave your hair looking like an oil slick. Others don’t seem to work. The trick is to find the right product and the right amount to apply. Then you can be confident that you will stay sleek and chic all day and into the night.

Leave It To The Experts

Very few of us are immune to humidity. Spending dollar after dollar when you are trying to find the right product can get expensive. Ask your stylist what will work for your hair type. Your hair may not respond well to an oil based anti-frizz but may respond to a lotion. Our stylists receive continuing education so we know the latest and greatest products that will help you.

I personally recommend trying a frizz control product from Moroccan Oil. Stop by and see what products we offer. One of our stylists will be more than happy to help you.